Bread vs Breadtube

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RIP Colin Powell

Lie After Lie: What Colin Powell Knew About Iraq 15 Years Ago and What He Told The U.N. (

The NFT-crons

NFT means “Non-Fungible Token”. High probably of scams, be vigilant comrades. More reading: David Gerard attempts to explain NFTs( “NFT’s Aren’t the Answer to the IRL Problems of Digital Art” by Jacques Corby-Tuech ( Ask HN: NFTs legit or mania? ( Logan Mahan attempts to explain NFTs ( “I minted and sold an NFT of Mona Lisa” by Jersey Fonseca ( Simon Stålenhag alleges art theft happened via NFT (

Supermarket Zombies

Context: Socialism = Zombies Or Something

Potato Of Gender

First time hearing about #PotatoGate? Read this article on slate Also watch: Doomsday Prepper Thinks Toy Potato Is A Sign Of The Apocalypse by Koko Fufu

Gravy SEAL